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Thursday, August 13, 2009



I was super stoaked for Vietnam because one of my good work friends from NY, Thuyha, was living in Ho Chi Min city in Vietnam.

I arrived late as normal and took a cab to Thuyha´s place which was downtown and awesome. It was so good to see here. I was late so we shot the shit for a bit then slept. I woke up the next day to an email from here asking if I wanted to get a 2 hour hot rock massage for $10, HECK YA! Vietnam is SUPER cheap, i mean its crazy. I spent the day getting a massage, shopping and just got lost in the city.

The next day I was flying up north so Thuyha wanted us to have a proper night out so we headed to teh ben than market for dinner on the street. We meet a few of her friends and have a great time.

We went after smoked some hookah then headed to Apo for a night of clubbin, was so much fun.

The next day I woke up tied up some last min delays and flew up north to Hanoi. Hanoi is a big city but not like HCMC. It feels more authentic. I arrived and got picked up by the hostel which was amazing by the way. It was like a hotel but for nothing. I went around to the night markets for dinner.

The next day i got my trip set go Halong bay and Sapa which are the two main reason people come to Hanoi. I spent the rest of the day with an irish guy i met bumming around.

That night I went to a water puppet show which the area is well known for

The next day I woke up and headed over to the hostel to go to Halong bay. It was a 3 hour drive north from the city but well worth it. I was on a boat with an awesome group. This can give you some Idea of it

I met a ton of great people and go figure some people from westchester which always makes me happy :o) Chilled, saw the area, kayaked hd a blast. After 2 days I headed backto Hanoi to go to Sapa which is far north.

I arrived back had a few hours to kill then my group headed to the train station for an overnight train to the Sapa. This place is sick! The have crazy looking locals and the hills are unreal.

We had to trek down a steep valley where we were doin a local home stay. The pictures speak for themseleves

We got to the homestay that night which was alot of fun. You stay with a local family and get a real culture experience. The next day we finished our trek and then headed back to Hanoi

After another overnight train back to Hanoi I flew back to HCMC for 2 nights before Palau!

The next day I went to the cu chi tunnels which is where all the tunnels from the war are. I was very scured about going in them caause I dont like tight places but could not be more glad that I did. And for all those who want to see how long my hair is here ya go :o)

I went back to HCMC hung out with Thuyha and some of her friends for the day, I loved Vietnam and want to come back for sure butnow its time for Guam and Palau!

Guam and Palau!

So the adventure to Palau started around 2 years ago. I had picked up a national geopragic and saw this island that was amazing!

To my amazment I found out that place could be done CHEAP, I was sold. The only issue was how to get there. Palau is a big divers paradise and hence expensive as hell to get to but with my around the world ticket it all of a sudden became doable.


I flew from Korea to Guam which is a US territory and have to say it felt great to be back in the US even for a day. I arrived late and figured whats the best way to see the island and save on a hotel, rent a car and sleep in it. So I picked up my fly ride and headed to the massive Kmart on the island and sleep the night away.

I woke in the morning and drove around the whole island which was very cool to see. I stoked up on some food and basic things that I needed.

The thing I was most happy about was some dryer sheets, odd as it may sound they are GREAT if you are backpacking cause they keep your clothes smelling half way decent.

I finished up my 24 hours in Guam then headed to the airport to see the place I had dremt about for years, i coudlnot be more excited!


I arrived a lil bit late and was met by the place I was staying, the Marine Club which was a bargain. Finding a cheap place in Palau was a challanege but I really lucked out. For $25 a night a got a ocean view room which had amazing staff and was a big step up from what I had been staying in, it had hot water!

The next day I headed over to the Kayaking dive shop I was gonna rent my gear from. I planned on kayaking between the different islands and camping on them. I got all set for the next day then headed back to chill and enjoy the island

The first day I went with a tour to see the Milky way which is a famious mud place on the island, go swimming with sharks and do jelly fish lake. It was SICK! Here are some pictures from the day to help give you an idea just how amazing this place is.

Swimming with Black tip sharks

Jelly Fish lake

After a great day I was dropped off at the beach that I planned on camping at that night. I met some super nice Palau Americans who were very generious with food and over all super nice people. They departed the island and I set up camp for the night.

The next day my kayak was dropped off and I went on a day tour with TJ and Todd. Tj was a local guide who was great and todd an american livingin guam for work. We snorkled and went around different rock islands for the day.

That night i camped on a different island, opened coconuts by hand and had a great night. The one thing ill never forget was the massive amounts of hermit crabs on theisland. The next day I was headed back to main land.

Once I arrived back I hung out at the Marine club, did laundry which was a BIG deal for me to not have to use a sink in a hostel, read and hung out.

Palau was unreal and now Im headed to Japan! :o)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

South Korea

So ive been WAY behind in the blog front so time for some catch up! :o)

South Korea

I flew out of Mongolia for a short week in South Korea. I arrived and was VERY sick still from whatever I had picked up along the way. I got in early and found a hostel downtown which was central to everything. I went to explore the markets but didnt make it far before I headed to the Hospital. They think I have a parasite of some sort so I took some meds and went on my way.

The next day I was feeling MUCH better thankfully. I have met some great people at the hostal and one was Dave from LA. We headed downstairs and took a bus to the DMZ which is the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. It was pretty cool. You arrive and see the area which is covered in barb wire and fences. The North Koreas tried to dig into South korea to attack it so you got to go down these amazing tunnels they built.

After that we saw the guarded boarded and a lot of history to the area.

We got back to Seoul and spent the day with some flight attendants we had met bumming around the city, going to tea houses, eating street food, was a cool day.

The next morning Dave and I went out for some grub and came back and meet our new travel buddies form the US Blake and Alan were chefs from the states. We hung out all day then went and god some swish swish or something like that for dinner.

The night proceeded to end in going out to a Korean club which was a blast!

The next day I spent getting lost in the city and then headed to the airport to head to Vietnam!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Building homes in Mongolia

After good ol' India Mongolia was a welcoming change. I flew in late and met one of my other Habitat for Humanity team members and we headed back to the Hostel. There was a group of us who had arrived a day early so we decided to go explore Mongolia on our own a bit.

It was very fun. We headed out to see Turtle rock where Ghangas Chan had been and saw eagles, horse and the sprawling hills. It was amazing.

The next day the rest of our team arrived and we headed 3 hours outside of the main city to the town we were gonna build in. I got pretty sick here and ended up in the hospital after a few days. It was something, either Malaria or an ameba. Long story but I got better at least for now.

Instead of recapping the whole trip I'm gonna use pictures to show the progress we made helping build THREE home for deserving families in Need. Its not a hand out but a hand up. Its a great program.

After we finished the build we went on a little R and R to live in Gers

Ride horse

and just chill. It was very much so needed.

Mongolia and the people are amazing! Im off to explore S. Korea and Vietnam now, let the adventure continue :o)